M: Economics, The Basics

(McGraw-Hill Economics)

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Isbn 0078021790
File size 52.64MB
Year 2017
Pages 400
Language English
File format PDF
Category Economics

Book Description:

Mandel's M: Economics, The Basics third edition focuses on developing a student's economic literacy without overwhelming to provide a window into what's happening in the current economy. Michael Mandel, the former Chief Economist for BusinessWeek magazine, now Chief Economist at Visible Economy LLC, writes in a journalistic style, drawing upon news articles and experience throughout the text to present economic concepts in a way that is understandable, relevant, and exciting for a broad audience. The succinct coverage, magazine-like design, and accessible presentation of math and graphs will help instructors overcome the common challenges of this course, and make the material more approachable and attractive to a wide range of students.



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