Non-Volatile In-Memory Computing by Spintronics

5b6266e072044.jpg Author Hao Yu, Leibin Ni, and Yuhao Wang
Isbn 9781627052948
File size 2.48MB
Year 2017
Pages 162
Language English
File format PDF
Category Information Technologies

Book Description:

Exa-scale computing needs to re-examine the existing hardware platform that can support intensive data-oriented computing. Since the main bottleneck is from memory, we aim to develop an energy-efficient in-memory computing platform in this book. First, the models of spin-transfer torque magnetic tunnel junction and racetrack memory are presented. Next, we show that the spintronics could be a candidate for future data-oriented computing for storage, logic, and interconnect. As a result, by utilizing spintronics, in-memory-based computing has been applied for data encryption and machine learning. The implementations of in-memory AES, Simon cipher, as well as interconnect are explained in details. In addition, in-memory-based machine learning and face recognition are also illustrated in this book.



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