On the Shape of a Pure O-sequence

(Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society)

5bb94c9b32716.jpg Author Juan C. Migliore, Mats Boij, Rosa M. Miro-roig, and Uwe Nagel
Isbn 9780821869109
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Year 2012
Pages 78
Language English
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Category Mathematics

Book Description:

A monomial order ideal is a finite collection $X$ of (monic) monomials such that, whenever $M\in X$ and $N$ divides $M$, then $N\in X$. Hence $X$ is a poset, where the partial order is given by divisibility. If all, say $t$, maximal monomials of $X$ have the same degree, then $X$ is pure (of type $t$). A pure $O$-sequence is the vector, $\underline{h}=(h_0=1,h_1,...,h_e)$, counting the monomials of $X$ in each degree. Equivalently, pure $O$-sequences can be characterized as the $f$-vectors of pure multicomplexes, or, in the language of commutative algebra, as the $h$-vectors of monomial Artinian level algebras. Pure $O$-sequences had their origin in one of the early works of Stanley's in this area, and have since played a significant role in at least three different disciplines: the study of simplicial complexes and their $f$-vectors, the theory of level algebras, and the theory of matroids. This monograph is intended to be the first systematic study of the theory of pure $O$-sequences.



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