U-boat Bases And Bunkers 1941-1945 (osprey Fortress 3)

5773db72efa37.jpg Author Gordon Williamson and Ian Palmer
Isbn 9781841765563
File size 3 MB
Year 2003
Pages 64
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

This work takes a look at the formidable U-boat bases and bunkers built on the French coast (Brest, Lorient, St Nazaire, La Pallice, Bourdeaux), in Norway (Bergen, Trondheim), and Germany (Keil, Hamburg, Helgoland), and also focuses on the huge "Valentin" factory complex at Bremen, which manufactured the new type XXI electro-boats. Bunker protective systems, such as camouflage, light and heavy flak installations and nearby air cover are also covered.



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